Dextro Energy Case Study
Dextro Energy Case Study

Dextro Energy

A brand that provides performance!

In addition to the athletic performance of its customers, Dextro Energy now also focuses on its own online performance. Through adjustments to the design and extensive SEO optimization, the goal is to increase the performance of the store in the long term. At the same time, the customer should be offered the best possible shopping experience.

Dextro Energy belongs as a brand to the Zertus Group and gives its customers the certain power and concentration when it comes down to it. The brand stands for snacks and drinks, as a vegan or low-calorie variant, or the right accessories - always suitable for your individual sports goal. 




Performance Optimization





Dextro Energy Homepage


A Shopify store already existed. Our task was to design the store according to the products and the brand behind it. The Shopify Impulse theme forms the basis of the design. Some customizations give the theme an additional individual touch and improve the user experience. With the option of OS 2.0, Dextro Energy is also able to apply many changes and optimizations to the store itself. 

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Dextro Energy Bundle Amino Paket

Bundle Builder

By using the app "Pickystory" a special bundle solution of the products could be achieved. Thus, similar products can be offered individually in combinations. For the corresponding protein powder, the customer thus receives, for example, the matching shaker as an accessory in the combination package and can save money at the same time.

Performance enhancement based on redesign

A redesign that demands the full power of Shopify! With the help of the new theme, the focus is on user-friendliness and a real shopping experience at Dextro Energy. On the merchant side, customization options have also been expanded. At the same time, appropriate SEO optimizations were made to significantly increase the visibility of the project. The result is a performance increase that is impressive - the conversion rate was already tripled in the first few weeks.

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