Die besten Shopify Beauty Stores

Best Shopify Beauty Stores

When store design, navigation, products and brand are in perfect harmony, the best Shopify beauty stores are created! Get inspired by our selection!




Our selection of best Shopify Beauty Stores & Brand Designs, perfect for inspiration and as a template for your beauty store.

The global beauty industry is booming, and has been for years. Worldwide e-commerce sales of cosmetic products will reach around 68 billion US dollars in 2020 alone. The correspondingly high demands on store performance and, of course, high-quality presentation make Shopify the perfect platform for your beauty store. One of the major challenges in the industry is the large variety of products offered by most providers. Compared to many other online stores, a simple navigation for the customer is therefore particularly important. Correctly integrated into the corporate design creates beautiful Shopify stores. Last but not least, the same standards of beauty and aesthetics that apply to your products must also apply to your store. So, take a look for yourself and let yourself be inspired by our selection of the best Shopify Beauty Stores:


1. gitti conscious beauty

One of the newest members of our beeclever family, but most of you probably already know it! The gitti Conscious Beauty Store really took off with the pitch in the "Höhle der Löwen". And in a direction that we love to follow! A real alternative to traditional nail polishes with their ingredients that are suspected of being seriously harmful to health. Or dyes made from crushed living creatures (no joke, unfortunately). Not with gitti! All natural-based, vegan and animal-free produced in France, your nails shine twice as beautiful. At least.


Shopify Beauty Stores: Giiti Conscious Beauty

2. Bears with benefits

Gummy bears at the Shopify Beauty Stores?! Yes, that's right: gummy bears. More specifically, Bears with Benefits. Beautyfood in the form of gummy bears for your skin, hair, body and radiance. With clinically proven effectiveness, 100% clean and natural. "Because your beauty comes from within and starts with a smile on your face." We have nothing to add to that - and you don't talk with your mouth full anyway. So: „Let’s stay beautiful!“

Best Shopify Beauty Stores: Bears with Benefits

3. Smile Secret Medical

Tooth whitening with your smartphone - in just 16 minutes. As a Shopify Partner, we are naturally into technical solutions that simplify life while also producing ingenious results. That' why our enthusiasm for working with Smile Secret isn't just nerdy. Because who doesn't love a radiant smile as if by magic?! And the whole thing also with organic coconut oil and activated charcoal, vegan and gentle for the teeth.

Best Shopify Beauty Stores: Smile Secret


Back in 1991, makeup artist Bobbi Brown started her own lipsticks and now sells her cosmetics worldwide. "Beauty is not about looking perfect. It's about celebrating your individuality," says the successful entrepreneur, paraphrasing her motto. "Makeup is a way for women to look and feel like themselves, only more beautiful and more confident.“

Best Shopify Beauty Stores: Bobbi Brown

5. M·A·C

With more than 50 new collections every year and sales in more than 100 countries, M-A-C Cosmetics shows the full challenge of an online beauty store. With virtual try-on, live chat with professional makeup artists for personal consultations, and many more features offered worldwide, this Shopify beauty store is also at the forefront of technology.

beste shopify beauty stores: MAC


Completely dedicated to men's cosmetics, Mankind has earned a place on our list of the best Shopify Beauty Stores with its consistent philosophy reflected in a clear brand image. In the fastest way possible, Mankind feels obligated to save the "man who isn't afraid" to take care of his appearance and "even less afraid to show it" a trip to the department store and provide "the right tools to get the job done." Just as straight as this statement is the demand on the online store and its navigation like performance. This is where Shopify is undoubtedly the "tool to get the job done".

beste shopify beauty stores: Mankind

7. Tarte

A great store and a great brand. Tarte proclaims "20 years cruelty-free" for itself and thus sets the course since the founding of the company. Always produced without "the bad stuff" like mineral oil, phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and whatever else one might think of in connection with cosmetics. Additionally committed to providing worldwide support and assistance wherever produced or grown. "High-Performance Natural Beauty" - the motto for Tarte's cosmetics applies equally to the American brand's Shopify store.

best shopify beauty stores: Tarte


More than 150 global brands are brought together by Mecca in this beauty boutique. From makeup to skin care to perfumery. Making this inexhaustible selection comprehensible and findable is a real masterstroke. And the whole thing in a really nice Shopify beauty store, too. "Service like no other" is Mecca's motto, and of course the online store has to live up to it!

shopify beauty stores: Mecca


When Eugene Rimmel and his father founded the House of Rimmel in 1834, a beauty store was a very different story. Perfumes were called vinegar, mascara was made with mercury, and marketing meant a booth at a trade show. But Rimmel showed true pioneering spirit early on with the first toxin-free mascara, which has led the brand into successful e-commerce to this day. With innovative products and a passion that customers carry to the outside world.

shopify beauty stores: Rimmel

10. OPI

As the world leader in the professional nail care industry, OPI is known for exceptionally color-intensive and long-lasting nail polishes. Currently available in over 100 countries thanks to an exceptional Shopify Beauty Store, OPI offers a complete range of professional products for nail treatments, polishes, lotions, manicure / pedicure products, files, tools and acrylic colors.

shopify beauty stores: OPI


The husband-and-wife team of Charlotte and Dave Cho have been in the market since 2012 and are on a mission to bring the Korean approach to skincare to the world. "We celebrate and promote a skin-centric approach - instead of covering up skin problems with makeup, it's better to treat the root cause," says Cho. As the largest sensory organ, skin is held in special esteem in Korea, and its care as a means to overall well-being receives equal attention. So it's no wonder that SOKO GLAM feels particularly at home in the guise of a Shopify beauty store.

 shopify beauty stores: Soko Glam

Which Shopify Beauty Stores are your favorites? Feel free to contact us - we are looking forward to your message!