9 Argumente für Shopify Plus

9 arguments for switching to Shopify Plus

The Shopify Plus benefits and when a migration from your store system or an upgrade from your Shopify tariff is really worth it!




Shopify Plus is a completely hosted e-commerce platform for businesses & brands targeting B2C AND B2B. But what specifically are your benefits? And why is it worth migrating from your current store system? We show you the 9 most important advantages of Shopify Plus, whether as an upgrade or as a migration from your existing online store.

Shopify Plus Vorteile

Shopify Plus, besides all the benefits, gives you the freedom to grow fast by providing secure servers, payment compliance and unlimited bandwidth. There' s a reason why the current 3000 Shopify Plus merchants achieve an annual revenue growth of 126%. Even though Shopify Plus was only officially launched in Germany in October 2020, we have been supporting the business solution as one of the first German Shopify Plus partners on the European market for two years now. And we do this with conviction - why exactly, we'll be happy to explain to you with these nine important features that you can enjoy as a Shopify Plus customer:


The 9 most important advantages of Shopify Plus



Unlimited bandwidth with scalable SaaS hosting means a fully supported, flexible and reliable solution. With 99.99% uptime and four million hits per second, you can be sure your business will be up and running from Black Friday to Christmas to Mother's Day with over 8,000 orders per minute. Shopify Plus customers also benefit from 200 TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. Best of all, the entire infrastructure is taken care of by Shopify, around the clock. Server problems or worries about too much traffic for your marketing campaigns are a thing of the past. We ourselves have accompanied several stores during the broadcast of their pitch in the "Höhle der Löwen" on VOX and have been able to put every competing system in its place - but above all, we have been able to serve every customer with full performance. 


With Shopify Plus you have the possibility to run up to 10 different storefronts or Shopify accounts in parallel. This way you can map different stores for different countries and markets to always display the corresponding languages. Furthermore, you are able to offer different actions and promotions for your respective markets. One of the key advantages is the new admin area, which allows you to manage your online stores, analytics, automation tools, etc. in one central location. Thus, Shopify Plus provides a perfect solution for global brands and companies. 


Shopify online stores are among the most stylish and innovative on the market, and they are all tailored for modern e-commerce. Moreover, you can customize each theme in an impressive way. This includes content and homepage layout, header and footer menus, typography, and colors. With Shopify Experts, the layout of your store is 100% customizable. For larger brands looking for something a little more exclusive, Shopify Plus can be customized to suit any need with full Javascript and CSS control. With full CSS and Javascript control, you can drive checkout customization and integrate the conversion optimization techniques you want, all the way to the checkout.

Shopify Plus Vorteile



Launchpad is the new tool for Shopify Plus merchants running flash sales and product launch events. Merchants have the ability to schedule mass changes to their store in advance. This includes, for example, the following actions:

  1. Product pricing, inventory and product visibility of different channels
  2. Theme changes to enable event-specific content
  3. Blocking a store for a set duration - great for building anticipation before a big launch
  4. Use of captchas at checkout to prevent bots from participating in the promotion
  5. Real-time analytics dashboard to track the success of events.

    Shopify Plus is ready to use out of the box and offers all the features you need to start an online store. However, as you progress, you should add advanced features to your e-commerce campaigns. Shopify Experts make your life easier at this point. The apps provided are reviewed by the Shopify team with a customer-based star review system, so you can see which apps really make sense for your business in your current situation. For example, there are apps for the following business areas in the Shopify App Store:


    1. Customer service
    2. Inventory management
    3. Accounting
    4. Marketing
    5. Discounts and special offers
    6. Handling wholesale customers


    Shopify Plus allows you to set higher API limits, so you can do much more with app and ERP integrations. Plus, you can have multiple integrations working together without worrying about API limits. This way, you can create real-time connections between your CRM and your accounting system.



    In order to be able to serve merchants in addition to the B2C online business, one of the great advantages is a fully comprehensive wholesale channel. Here you can create merchants, store different price lists and conditions and trade successfully. Of course, the function is automated, in which a merchant can create an account and see individual prices and products, if you wish only after activation.


    This new feature, currently only available on Shopify Plus, allows brands to create native iOS and Android apps without any technical hassle. We've seen a demo of one of the apps created with this new feature, and it looks impressive. For retailers without the budget to create a custom mobile app, this is an attractive proposition. 


    An important benefit for you is your personal success manager. He will help you with all Shopify Plus options and stay in touch with you to ensure a successful sales launch. This includes additional semi-annual updates from the Shopify Success Manager for new apps and features with dedicated priority support, including a personalized email address and phone number for time-sensitive issues. In addition, permanent support can be presented by your Shopify partner.
    Shopify's Scriptify feature lets you schedule custom promotions:

    1. Percentage based discounts
    2. Free shipping or a free gift
    3. Scale prices so that you can offer discounts to certain merchants or VIPs
    4. Product packages and combination offers
    5. Buy one, get one free


    With Shopify Plus, you get access to the script editor that allows developers to write custom scripts that are hosted and run by Shopify. Developers and e-commerce business owners can integrate custom business logic into their business.


    Flow is an automation platform that enables Shopify Plus merchants to manage the backend of the store, as well as inventory and order management, without the cost of building a custom system. In addition to time-saving automations for merchants and seamless integrations of external tools, Flow provides the flexibility to experiment with backend customizations.


    We hope we could give you an overview of the most important Shopify Plus benefits. You want to learn more or migrate your store right away? Feel free to write to us, we look forward to meeting you! 


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