Apple Pay für Shopify

Apple Pay for Shopify

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Simply tap the Apple Pay button while shopping and pay quickly and easily using the integrated facial recognition or Touch ID on the iPhone. This is how Apple Pay works in practice. The system is customer-friendly, easy to use, and offers a smooth payment process. Apple Pay is now also available in Germany and allows you to add your credit cards from participating banks directly in the app. This makes paying faster and easier than ever before.


Current development of the Apple payment gateway

The number of Apple Pay users worldwide is growing year by year. Paying on the move with the iPhone is becoming increasingly popular. In Germany, savings bank customers with a valid Girocard have also been able to use Apple's payment service since summer 2020. Especially now during the current Corona pandemic, contactless payment with the smartphone is proving to be a convenient and, above all, secure payment option for buyers and sellers.


Apple Pay is thus becoming one of the most important payment providers on the mobile payment market. More than 50 percent of all iPhone users worldwide now use the service. In addition, the number of banks, retailers and online providers that support Apple Pay is also increasing. Shopify now also offers Apple Pay as a payment option for its customers.


Fast shopping with Apple Pay

With Apple Pay as a payment method in your online store, your customers can instantly provide their respective payment and shipping information that is securely stored in their Apple account. This allows you to provide your customers with a faster and more convenient shopping experience. When you accept Apple Pay in your online store, customers can complete a purchase in your store in a single step. This reduces the number of clicks required for your customers to place an order. Fewer clicks, in turn, lead to fewer abandoned carts and more revenue for your business.


To enable Apple Pay in your store, simply go to Settings via the Shopify Admin and continue to Payment Methods. Add Apple Pay as an accelerated checkout via gateway Shopify Payments. You are already using Shopify Payments? Then all you have to do is click Apple Pay at the following location and off you go.

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Customer Journey with Apple Pay in your Shopify Store

When Apple Pay users visit your online store, they will see a button with the Apple Pay logo. Your customers can click the button to make a purchase with Apple Pay. They will see the shipping and billing information stored in the wallet, as well as a listing of the order, just like in your regular store checkout. Now your customer just needs to authenticate the purchase. The process differs slightly depending on the device you use:


iPhone oder iPad (mobile)

A prompt to confirm the purchase via Touch ID appears on the respective device. Your customer scans their fingerprint with Touch ID to authenticate the purchase.


Macbook with Touch ID

A prompt appears on the Touch Bar to confirm the purchase with Touch ID on the Macbook. Your customer scans their fingerprint with Touch ID to confirm the purchase.


Mac without Touch ID

If your customer does not have Touch ID on their Mac, they can use Apple Pay on their Mac with another device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. To confirm the purchase, your customer must meet the following setup requirements in advance:

  1. The devices are located close to each other (generally 1m)
  2. Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.
  3. Both devices use the same iCloud account.


A dialog box appears on the customer's computer asking them to confirm the purchase using Touch ID on their other device. The customer then scans their fingerprint on the corresponding device to authenticate the purchase.

Apple Pay: The advantages for merchants and customers

Apple's payment provider offers your customers an ideal way to quickly submit their order to you. Even on the go, they can easily pay in your store with their iPhone or iPad via Safari browser. Because of the expedited check-out process, your customers don't have to provide their credit card information, address, or other information because Apple Pay provides the necessary data. This data is already registered in an existing Apple Pay account and can be retrieved for each payment, making it quick and easy. There are no fees for you as a seller or for your customers as buyers. Only the standard fees for the corresponding payment providers such as credit cards have to be paid.



Restriction seems to be the keyword. As the name suggests, Apple Pay can only be used with Apple devices. Although the popular products of the global corporation are widely used, not everyone has an iPhone, an iPad or a MacBook. In addition, the payment service is not yet approved by all banks. Therefore, Apple Pay is not suitable as a sole payment method, but it is a simple and convenient add-on option to Shopify Payments or Paypal in the Shopify store to increase your sales.


The requirements

To offer Apple Pay as a customer-friendly payment method in your Shopify store, you need to use one of the following credit card payment providers:

  1. Shopify Payments
  2. net
  3. CyberSource
  4. First Data Payeezy
  5. stripe

You must also have SSL enabled as an encryption protocol for secure data transfer for the store domain you are using.


Supported devices

To pay using the Apple Pay button in your store, your customers must be using the Safari browser on iOS 12.1 or macOS 10.14.1 on one of the following Apple devices:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Apple Watch
  4. MacBook Pro with integrated Touch ID
  5. Any Mac model (2012 or later) along with an iPhone or Apple Watch that supports Apple Pay as specified


Easily fix potential problems with Apple Pay

Apple Pay will not show up for you in your admin area on Shopify:

If you use, Cybersource or First Data Payeezy, you must contact the respective provider to have them activate the network token for you. If you use Stripe as your payment provider, there are terms and conditions that apply specifically to Apple Pay, which you must accept. If you are not sure who the payment processor is in your case, contact your bank or the payment processor of your merchant account.


Apple Pay button is not displayed in the check-out:

You must be using Safari on iOS 12.1 or macOS 10.14.1 to see the button in your checkout on Shopify. If you still don't see it, you should check if you meet the requirements for using Apple Pay.


Your customer cannot enter his discount code:

DYou must display the Apple Pay button on your checkout page so that your customers can use their discount codes. If you display the button on the cart page, your customers will not be able to access the checkout page to enter and use their discount code.


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