Die besten Shopify Themes

The 8 best Shopify themes

For the perfect online store, the design is crucial and should be adapted to your products. We show you the eight best Shopify themes at a glance for your store!




For almost 46% of website visitors, the design is a decisive point for the credibility of a company. The design is therefore also crucial for the success of your online store. Shopify themes do a lot of work for you in this area and offer you a quick start into the world of e-commerce.


What are Shopify Themes

Shopify themes are generally predefined design templates that enhance the design of your store without much effort and enable various functions. So you can build your own online store with just a few clicks, which convinces in design. 


Best Shopify Themes

With ready-made design templates you lay the foundation for the design and appearance of your store. Thereby the themes differ in particular in

  1. Budget
  2. Functions
  3. Product pages
  4. Collection pages
  5. Shopping cart layout

Shopify itself already offers 84 themes via its own store - there is certainly something for everyone. To help you choose the right template, we show you the 8 best and most popular themes. In addition to the design and layout, we have also included criteria such as compatibility, individual customizability and the connection to various apps in our selection.


Free themes

Besides numerous paid themes, Shopify also offers 13 free design templates. They are versatile and partially customizable, but limited in features. Therefore, you should always have your project in mind and individually weigh whether a free theme meets your requirements. Often, important apps and functions are missing at this point, which entails subsequent costs. Nevertheless, they are certainly useful for the beginning in e-commerce.

Narrative - The Storyteller

The theme "Narrative" is the storyteller among Shopify's free layouts. Here the focus is on large images that entice people to buy. The theme is best suited for brands with few products. Let your images speak volumes and entice your customers to buy.

Narrative Shopify Theme



The bestseller among the free themes is probably the Debut Theme. It is often pre-installed and is still used by large stores today. The simple and minimalistic layout creates a noble design with a user-friendly interface. There are deductions for the theme, especially for the functionality, because it needs some additional apps to be functionally well positioned. At the same time, the theme scores with its great compatibility, so that almost every app can be integrated.

Debut Shopify Theme



Brooklyn is also one of the most popular themes on Shopify. Using slideshows and dynamic product grids, you can create a simple user interface in a modern design with just a few clicks. At the same time, the theme offers you some customization options. On the one hand, it fits classic and modern products, on the other hand, it fits youthful and playful brands.

Brooklyn Shopify Theme


Paid themes

From expensive to cheap, you can find everything in the Shopify Themes section. Paid themes differ mostly in the different layouts of the product pages and in the checkout as well as in the support.


You are just starting with your store and are looking for a solution for a quick and easy entry into e-commerce? The Startup Theme from Shopify offers you the perfect basis for your online store. The theme is available in different style variations and helps you build a strong branding. A theme that perfectly showcases a small product range and shines with a strong design.

Startup Shopify Theme



Tell your customers the story of your store with the Story theme. You have a small product range? With a clear layout, this theme focuses on the customer journey of the store. Strong colors set targeted highlights and let images tell the story of your store.

Story Shopify Theme



If you want to link your online business with an offline store, the Symmetry theme is best suited. Here, the processing of click and collect is in the foreground. In addition, features like the size guide and many possibilities for all-around successful product pages are convincing.

Symmetry Shopify Theme



You offer the most diverse products from several product categories and therefore need a store that is at least as diverse? Then the Empire Theme is probably just right for you! The theme is designed for a large product range and suitable for almost all industries. Thus, not only the design and layout of the theme reminds of the sales giant Amazon. Also in international sales there are no limits for you.

Empire Shopify Theme



The theme lives up to its name and brings your online store to a high-end shopping experience. With a high-quality design, the theme is especially suitable for high-end brands that also want to shine functionally in the store. Features like a timeline or button animations make the theme unique.

Prestige Shopify Theme


Find your perfect Shopify Theme

At first glance, most templates probably look good. However, it is crucial that it fits your brand and your products in the store. The question, which is the perfect theme for your store, can only be decided by you. Look at the layouts in detail, and think in advance about what features and functions you need and who your target audience is. What colors and designs reflect your brand? Does your brand stand for premium products or does a flashy youthful style fit better?


To confirm your decision, you can trial install your selection via the Shopify Store and test it for your products.



Shopify's themes help you give your store a strong design and make it user-friendly at the same time. Especially for the start in e-commerce, it is certainly a quick and easy solution with a lot of room for customization.