Dein E-Commerce Kalender

Your e-commerce calendar

New year, new luck! We show you the most important dates and periods, which should not be missing in any e-commerce calendar.




In 2019, the cards in e-commerce will be reshuffled and everyone will be dealt new cards. But how do you make the most of this handful of new drive and creativity, and when should you be sure to play your cards?


Valentine's Day

While the more or less happy lovers of this world set out to buy a perfect gift for the one they love, you should take your chances and play the first card. While Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 itself, you should already align your website with the upcoming day of love 2 weeks before. Because most people in love start looking for the supposedly perfect gift on February 5 & 6. Watch out! Here, too, the golden rule "less is more" applies, because few buy in a pink-red website.

Tip: Clearly and visibly communicate your last order date, where you can guarantee the customer a timely delivery!



After you've won the Valentine's Day showdown and conquered the couples of the world, it's time to analyze your next hand and plan your next promotion. With each new season comes a new trend, a new product, or whatever you have up on your sleeve. But once the initial hype has died down, calm returns to e-commerce. This is the perfect time to play a well-considered card: The Mid-Season Sale!

With a well thought-out sale campaign, you can once again generate attention. You should determine the perfect time for such a mid-season sale individually for your business. However, it should be located in such a way that it perfectly covers the period between two product launches..


Even if we all like to suppress it again and again: Easter, as we know and celebrate it today, is also only an invention of the economy, in order to drive consumption forward. And since society is already willingly playing along, we should raise our game right away! 

Ostern Shopify Store

The customer will especially look for useful little things. Trashy gifts, which end up in the last corner after a very short time, have been less and less in demand for years. Instead, trend-conscious gifts are going in search of small gadgets for the coming summer season. And this is where we should reveal our cards and take the profit by sweetening the search for the potential customer.

Tip: How about a little "egg search" in your online store? Let your potential customers search for hidden items and reward the lucky finder with a small prize in the form of discount codes or something similar. This way, you send the customer on a long journey through your assortment and, in the end, reinforce their decision to buy.


Mother's Day

This is one of the busiest days of the year. Anyone who doesn't go all-in on this day has only themselves to blame. In Germany, Mother's Day falls on May 12 this year. Similar to Valentine's Day, however, you should communicate your offers to potential customers a few weeks in advance.

There are billions of mothers worldwide. If one goes out from the fact that everyone has on the average 2 children, you need some hands, in order to calculate the number of potential customers. However, you should also remember in this context that you are not addressing your actual target audience. The children are, of course, quite a bit younger than your actual target group itself. If you want to get into the best possible position, you should think outside the box and venture into new marketing waters. Nowadays, you can reach the younger generations anytime and anywhere via channels that are unusual for you, such as social media or email marketing. Make sure you design your content in a way that it can be shared by your followers and promoted further through word of mouth.

Wedding season

Get the festive dresses and suits out of the closet and get ready for the annual wedding marathon in German registry offices and churches. Between May and August, brides and grooms are literally hand in hand with each other. While brides are searching for the perfect dress and guests are worrying about a suitable gift, you should see your big chance!

It seems like more and more brides and grooms are swapping out the "old fashioned" version of "in-store" wish lists for the new online variety. This should play your cards perfectly into your hands: Set up a sort of "wish basket" on your site, which brides and grooms can fill and share with friends and family. This way you ll indirectly engage the friends and families to your store.



While the bridal couples are busy, thousands of young party people are dancing their feet off at festivals from May to September. And it seems as if more and more people are finding it fun to hang out with thousands of others on camping grounds and huge dance floors. In short, the festival business is booming.

Festival Season for your Shopify Store

But if you want a piece of the big pie, you should internalize one thing: It's not just about the music, but also about "seeing and being seen"! This is a great advantage for e-commerce retailers from the fashion sector. You can set up an extra page where you can put together your festival it-pieces. But also distributors of camping equipment should participate in the competition. The best example would be a festival bundle offer in form of a basic equipment. You can complete your offer by dedicating a separate blog article to the topic of festivals.


Father's Day

Who would have guessed, but there should be about as many fathers, as mothers, in this world. So expect the rush to be similar to Mother's Day. For you, another chance to go all-in and make a profit.

As with Mother's Day, you should distance yourself from the actual target audience. Use targeting tools to improve your social media strategy and start communicating your offers in a timely way.

Tip: Include discount codes in your ads on social media to not only generate attention, but entice customers to make a purchase. After all, it has been scientifically proven that red sale and discount signs put the human in a state of emergency.


Back to School


Back to School Shopify Store Season

We all know summer won't last forever, and before we know it, we'll be trading the outdoor pool for the classroom or desk again. And because the start of the new school year, or semester, is always so surprisingly just around the corner, we should remind students, or even parents, to prepare for the new year. Due to the high competition, it is a good idea to provide customers with discounts or free shipping.



Halloween is just around the corner, and we're trading in our poker faces for devil horns and our cards for bags full of candy. Every year, Germans invest around 200 million euros in the eerily beautiful spectacle that once spilled over to us from the States.

Halloween Shopify Store Saison

If your company deals in candy, makeup, or costumes, you've earned a spot on the final table. But you can also participate in the spectacle as an external player by adding suitable content to your channels.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

To the computers, ready, buy! Hardly any other day makes the cash registers burn as much as this duo. So get out your red pen and mark November 29 and December 2 in your calendars. The unofficial starting signal for the Christmas business represents mega discounts and the terms "Black-Friday-Deal" or "Cyber-Weekend" are already weeks before not to be excluded from the advertising.

Tips: Set up a countdown on your website. Visitors who are not ready to buy something at an earlier time will come back to your website on the mentioned days.

Christmas Day's

Advent is just around the corner and everything could be so beautiful if it weren't for the annual gift stress. While a few, well-organized exceptions already have all the gifts together at the beginning of the month, most people buy their gifts online and at the last minute. It's much more comfortable on the couch - we can understand it!

Weihnachten Shopify Store Saison

To make gift shopping easier for the already stressed customer, you can set up an extra section on your website with the best gift ideas. In addition, many customers worry about their exchange rights if the gift they bought in a hurry doesn't appeal to the recipient. An extended exchange period during the Christmas holidays makes it easier for many customers to make their final purchase decision. Advent is just around the corner and everything could be so beautiful if it weren't for the annual gift stress. While a few, well-organized exceptions already have all the gifts together at the beginning of the month, most people buy their gifts online and at the last minute. It's much more comfortable on the couch - we can understand it!

Hands up - It's the end of the year

While many think they can rest up after the holidays and look forward to a relaxing January, they should take their remaining cards and get ready for one last round. After Christmas, thousands of unhappy gift-givers will be scrambling to find the perfect replacement. Many are willing to pay a little extra out of their own pockets in the process. With well-placed offers, they draw attention to themselves and can still make a profit from the wave of exchanges at the end of the year.

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