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How to keep customers loyal to your Shopify store

Overall, it is much more expensive to acquire new customers for a store instead of retaining customers. For tips on how to keep your e-commerce customers loyal to your Shopify store, click here.




"Thank you for your purchase." A customer's purchase is complete - now what? At this point, the customer's customer journey should be far from over. This is where the marketer starts with the post-purchase phase and should, if possible, convince the customer to make a second, third or, at best, regular purchase. The aim is to bind the customer to the company.

Why customer loyalty is important for a company? According to studies, new customer acquisition is nearly 5 times more expensive for a company than customer retention.

With the first purchase, a large part is already achieved - a reason why many companies neglect customer retention. But it is precisely at this point that it is important to tie in and offer the customer added value, because through further purchases you not only increase sales. If the customer is satisfied, he often acts as a brand ambassador and recommends your company through word-of-mouth. Read here how the customer experience in e-commerce can be positively influenced and how customers can become loyal to your company.



In order for the customer to buy a second and third time in your store, he must be completely satisfied. You have to convince them with your store, the services and the products. Therefore, make your store as user-friendly as possible. Clarity and simple navigation are particularly important at this point.



In addition to high usability, personalization of the store is of great importance for customer loyalty. Banners can be personalized and integrated into the buying process accordingly. With an individual wish list, the customer creates his own landing page with his favorite products. In combination with a unique design and strong usability, you make shopping in your Shopify store a distinctive shopping experience.


personalized newsletter

A real classic in the post-purchase phase and customer retention is newsletter marketing. However, a newsletter should not be seen as a pure advertising tool. Offer the customer real added value through interesting and varied content. An attractively designed newsletter and a personal approach increase the opening rate enormously. It is also advantageous if the customer can decide for himself which type of newsletter he would like to receive. This way, the content can be adapted to the customer's interests. At the same time, you can also add personalization here. Address your customer by name and adjust the content according to his interests and purchases.


Loyalty Program

To bind customers to your store, reward them for their loyalty. A loyalty program is particularly suitable for this. The advantage: Not only your customer is rewarded for his purchase and his loyalty. It is important to make the program as simple as possible and to present the rewards transparently. With a wide variety of rewards in the form of a point collection system, you can create incentives for customers to return to your store. You can use and determine the rewards in different ways. From points, discounts, coupons, free shipping and giveaways to pre-sale or exclusive access to sale shopping promotions, there are no limits.

happybrush club benefits

Example: Loyalty Program happybrush


Social Selling

The loyalty program not only rewards customer purchases. You can also include events in your loyalty program, such as a link/mention on social media channels or a customer review. By linking you on social media or leaving a review about your store, the customer gets a reward at the same time. Of course, you can decide for yourself what form this reward will take in your loyalty program. Reward your customers with points, discounts or giveaways.



A handwritten card as an enclosure in a package or a card with congratulations on a birthday -  the possibilities to bring personality into the loyalty program are endless. Generally, occasions such as "been a customer for x years" or customers' birthdays are the perfect way to thank them for their loyalty and get their attention at the same time. Emails with congratulations or a small gift, such as an exclusive discount, add a personal touch to the relationship with the customer and will be remembered.



In order to meet customers' expectations and needs, these must be known in detail. Therefore, it is important to actively request feedback from customers in the form of email surveys or rating requests. In this way, you learn at which points of your Shopify store or services there is still a need for optimization. At the same time, the customer feels perceived, taken seriously, and valued.



In some e-commerce industries, cross-selling has proven to be very successful as a customer retention measure. Some customers find it annoying, while others see the advantage in the complete package. Think for your customers and offer them additional products to match their purchase. If a desired item is sold out, you can offer and recommend appropriate alternatives to satisfy the customer and fulfill his wishes. If the customer still wants the sold-out product, you can notify him via his e-mail address that the desired item is available again.



The easiest way to bind a customer to your store is to make sure they are completely satisfied. The more contact points there are, the more opportunities you offer your customers to establish contact. At this point, omni-channeling is a great advantage. You have several ways to meet the customer and offer your services and benefits. Click&Collect, for example, allows you to combine online retailing with brick-and-mortar retailing. On the other hand, you can also integrate the advantages of e-commerce into your stationary store. If a product is no longer available in the correct size, color or variant in the store, let the customer become an online shopper.



Stay on it!

As you can see, there are many different ways to bind a customer to your store online. Of course, these measures are only a small part of the possibilities to achieve the loyalty of your customers. If a customer is convinced and enthusiastic, this shows positively in his attitude and loyalty to the company. The probability of a regular purchase and a long-term customer relationship increases.