Notification Trends 2020

Notification Trends 2020

How do I actually inform my customers properly after an order? What information should my customers receive? And, what is the best way to inform my customers? E-mail or SMS?




"That's what the others do..." & "We have always done it that way..."

You hear these two phrases quite often, and not just in e-commerce. Two real success killers! We'll show you how you can break new ground and impress your customers with simple notifications via Shopify. 

E-Mail est. 1984

Since the beginning of the e-commerce era, online stores have always sent emails to their customers when they place an order. Over the years, the email frequency has been increased further, with online stores sending customers emails about shipping status, tracking, reviews, and so on. This is what today's online customer is used to. In addition to fast shipping, the customer always wants to be kept up to date on how far his order has been processed or where his package is and when he can expect delivery.

More Notifications, More Touchpoints

This email timing of online stores is not entirely altruistic. The more touchpoints the store or brand has with the customer, the more the customer feels connected to the brand or store. It is worthwhile to build up this basis, because the customer should ultimately buy again and thus become a regular customer. That's why it's especially important to get the notifications right and build trust with the customer. The more satisfied the customer, the higher the likelihood of a second purchase and recommendation among friends and acquaintances.

What about the Optic?

The most important point is that your notifications also match your corporate identity. The goal should be that your customer immediately knows who the email is from when they open it. That's why we recommend a uniform line in the store as well as in the notifications. In addition, you should avoid elaborate designs with lots of pictures, graphics or other gimmicks, as it is mainly the information that counts with your customer.

E-Mail vs. SMS

Email remains the number one way to connect with your customers. However, as general traffic from mobile users continues to grow, it is advisable to accommodate this development. Not all of your customers have their email inboxes stored on their smartphones. Having to enter the e-mail each time at checkout can also be quite annoying. Since one or the other customer may still bail out during the checkout process and not leave an order, your customer should be offered another option here: SMS. If you don't feel like having more emails in your inbox, you can leave your phone number and be kept up to date via SMS. Here you lose a user for your newsletter, and the beautiful design of your notifications also does not reach the customer, but the customer orders!

Shopify Notification E-Mail vs. SMS

Let your customers choose

Whether your customer prefers the email notifications or the SMS option is up to him. By choosing this option, you also gain your first experience in SMS contact with your customers. The future development in the area of customer notifications has a lot of potential, as chat programs for B2C are on the rise.