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Shopify vs. Shopify Plus

All you need to know about Shopify and the differences to Shopify Plus.




Shopify - already heard many times, but still no real overview? What are the differences between the Shopify Basic Plan and the Shopify Plus solution? And what is ultimately right for your project and your online store? We have summarized the most important key points and differences for you.

All you need to know

Shopify is the fastest growing e-commerce solution. As a SaaS platform, Shopify is suitable for building professional and individual online stores. No matter what you want to sell through your webshop - there are no limits to your store. Shopify is also suitable for those who have little to no experience with web design, e-commerce and the like. Templates or specially developed themes and layouts make your Shopify store individual and put user-friendliness at the top of the list. To create a consistent yet changeable design, colors, text, product information, images and more can be customized at any time. Shopify Liquid, as its own programming language, also offers almost unlimited possibilities to control the design. A distinction is made between Shopify and the full-service solution Shopify Plus.

Advantages with Shopify Plus

With various e-commerce and point-of-sale features, a strong brand can be built. For large or even fast-growing companies, Shopify Plus offers some advantages as additional features. Connections to a wide range of tools and technologies support you in the areas of marketing, inventory management, customer-oriented customer service, and optimal customer checkout. You can find all Shopify Plus benefits in detail in our blog post → “Shopify Plus Advantages

What exactly are the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus

The dashboard and features of Shopify and Shopify Plus are essentially the same. Shopify Plus also provides additional access to new and separate features specifically targeted at fast-growing businesses. They give you added value and a unique service. In addition to unlimited bandwidth, flexibility, and scalability, Shopify Plus gives you the ability to create multiple storefronts for different target regions. Apps and integrations further support you and make your store a unique experience for your customers.

Shopify or Shopify Plus?

This question cannot be answered directly, but depends on the company, the products offered, and especially the requirements and goals of the store. For the start in e-commerce, the basis of Shopify is often sufficient for companies for the time being. It allows you to quickly set up your online store with a variety of standard tools, without much expertise. If, on the other hand, you are aiming for enormous growth and your store is already reaching its limits, Shopify Plus is certainly the better choice. The price is based on the selected functions that are available in addition to the standard tools. This will allow you to have a professional and individual store, which can be tailored specifically to the requirements and wishes of your customers. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the Plus solution offers you the freedom to grow quickly with your brand. Complex systems can be seamlessly integrated, while the platform provides the greatest possible flexibility.

Your Project

You don't have the capacity and knowledge to take care of setting up your store or changing the store system? As a Shopify Plus partner, we are happy to advise you and support you individually with your project.