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New Shopify Plus tools

All about the new Shopify Unite 2019 updates and features on Shopify Plus.





Shopify Plus - Expand Globally. Scale profitably.

The time you spend worrying about the technology of your business steals your focus from those very points. That's why Shopify has been working hard for the past few years to build a platform that brings your focus back to your core business, making it your growth partner.

Simplified e-commerce for your business

With the new tools Shopify launched in June 2019, you can centralize and manage your business from one place. This saves you time and lets you focus on your customers' experience.

Explore the new Shopify Plus

Dashboard Shopify Plus

At Unite 2019, Shopify also unveiled the new Shopify Plus. For the first time, you can manage all your stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions, and automation tools like Shopify Flow and Launchpad in one place. Now you can grow at the speed of your ideas with the most powerful and intuitive platform in the world.

  • Mobilize your entire team: Give your team exactly what they need to do their jobs. With access to the right permissions and tools, your employees can specialize in specific areas to make the biggest impact.
  • Growth-oriented strategy: Understand your business at a glance with a global view of analytics, employee accounts, branches, and workflows. Turn insights into strategies as your business expands into new markets. 
  • Automate your way to growth: Leverage the power of ecommerce automation across your entire business to create room for growth. With a centralized view of all Shopify Flow workflows, you'll save valuable time by automating tasks across multiple branches or stores at once. Updates to the new Shopify Plus will be launched later this year. Existing Shopify Plus accounts will be updated automatically. For details, we are very happy to assist you.

Optimize your order processing


Shopify Bestell- und Bearbeitungsprozess

Optimization once quite simple.

With the update to the order processing functions, you can easily optimize your customer service. For example, your customers can change their mind after they've placed their order. Now you can customize orders even after they're completed, without complicated workarounds that affect your accounting. In Shopify, you can edit the quantity, variant, products, or shipping method of an order, as long as it's done after a customer has paid and before the order is fulfilled. No more duplicate orders, lost sales, or inaccurate reports. If there is a difference between the original price paid and the new order, you can also easily send a payment request to your customer. Updates are reflected in all reports, orders, and customer logs, so all your reporting remains accurate and precise.

Create a new online store experience

The online store is the foundation for many businesses. Shopify therefore develops the online store from scratch to give your entire team more control over the editing of the storefront or frontend.

Storefronts in Shopify Plus

Intuitive work on store design

Easier customization on start and sub pages: Customization options are extended to all pages of the online store. Sections can now be applied to any page template in your store, so your team can quickly make changes to layout and content. Furthermore, you can apply bulk edits to different page templates with master pages. Static and dynamic sections make your design work easier than ever.

Effortless switching between themes: Your store's content and assets are no longer stored in themes. This way, you don't have to start from scratch if you ever want to change your theme.

Worry-free changes before publishing: You can now prepare and publish changes when you're ready, without having to duplicate your theme. Review all changes at your leisure before your redesign goes live.

Optimize your shipping profiles

Never overpay for shipping again, neither you nor your customers. With shipping profiles, you can set custom shipping rules based on product details like size, weight, or shipping origin. Profiles can be broken down by product or product group. Do you have products with dangerous goods surcharges, cold chains, or other properties? Now shipping profiles make it easy to solve that and calculate shipping costs accurately.

Optimierung der Versandprofile in Shopify Plus

Expand to North America more easily with the Shopify fulfillment network

Customers want their online purchases delivered quickly. This is expected by customers as major suppliers have spread this standard. Expanding into the North American market has been complex. Finding a local fulfillment provider that can meet these standards quickly and at adequate prices has been a hurdle. Furthermore, finding a partner that doesn't obscure your brand with their own labeled packaging materials or imprints is very difficult. That's why Shopify is building its own fulfillment network - a geographically distributed network of fulfillment centers with intelligent inventory allocation technology. This uses machine learning to predict the best places to store and ship your products so they can get to your customers as quickly as possible. To do this, Shopify has negotiated low prices with a growing network of warehousing and logistics providers to pass these price advantages on to Shopify merchants. A wide variety of channels are supported, custom packaging and brands are covered, as well as returns and exchanges. And all the while, it's all managed in Shopify. Shopify Fulfillment Network is currently available in the US. The program will be rolled out for North America later in 2019. It is currently unknown when Shopify Fulfillment Network will come to Europe and Asia.

Offer unique customer experiences

Deliver relevant, innovative experiences to your customers to best showcase your brand, no matter where your customers are. Create unique experiences with headless commerce. Headless architecture decouples your front-end experience from your back-end technology. It separates the customer-facing part of your business from the underlying systems and engines that run it.

einzigartige Kundenerlebnisse mit Shopify Plus

By using Shopify's Storefront API for headless commerce, you can create unique front-end experiences for web, mobile, or any other platform. Headless commerce gives you the freedom to move fast and personalize without limits:

  1. Get to market quickly: work simultaneously on front-end and back-end development across multiple sites to experiment quickly and make changes on the fly.
  2. Improved control: integrate your existing systems to create your shopping experience in the programming language of your choice using the Shopify Storefront API.
  3. Improved personalization: Build customer-centric experiences for any device or platform, and share everything to optimize your conversion rate. Find out for yourself if headless commerce is right for your business.

Engage your customers in video and 3D

Sometimes pictures aren't enough to show your customers how your product works or how it looks in their home. By presenting your products in a more immersive way, such as video combined with 3D model assets, customers can better appreciate (and experience) what they're buying. Native support for video and 3D model assets will soon be available in your online store. This will enable the display of 3D models without the need for apps. We have been given the opportunity to pre-test these features for you and our customers. In order to integrate this feature into your current theme you will need to make some adjustments, which we are happy to support you with.

3D-Modelle Shopify Plus

We have already developed some 3D models for our customers and big brands, which will be launched with the new update. You are interested in the 3D representation of your products? Feel free to contact us.

Activate subscriptions in Checkout


Abonnements im Checkout von Shopify Plus

Increase your recurring revenue with subscription solutions integrated with Shopify Checkout. This solution will be rolled out in 2019 and will be represented, for example, with ReCharge, which currently already offers a subscription solution for Shopfiy stores.

Optimization of automatic discounts

Want to reduce the number of shopping cart abandoners? Now you can create discounts that are automatically applied to a customer's cart without a discount code. Create fast and flexible promotions with fixed, percentage, or Buy-X-Get-Y discounts to streamline your checkout process.

automatische Discounts in Shopify Plus

This new feature helps you:

  1. Increase your conversion rate: Discounts are automatically displayed in the shopping cart and at checkout, which significantly reduces order cancellations. 
  2. More flexibility with promotions: easily customize discounts by adding a minimum amount or quantity of items. Set the conditions so that the discount is applied only to certain collections or products.
  3. Add Shopify scripts: Test promotions with automatic discounts. Create a more complex, customized experience with Shopify scripts. Learn how to take your promotions to the next level with automatic discounts.

Help your customers with product recommendations  

Product recommendations can increase your conversions and average order values many times over. Now you can optimize these recommendations automatically.

Produktempfehlungen in Shopify Plus

You will benefit from:

  1. Real-time native reporting: Understand the important trends with real-time native analytics. 
  2. Smarter recommendations with less effort: The Shopify algorithm can access rich data to provide smarter recommendations. 
  3. Storefront customization flexibility: Customize the appearance of recommendations to match the look and feel of your site.

Convert more customers with predictive search

Customers who use website search are statistically more likely to buy. On the other hand, 80% of website visitors leave a website due to poor search experiences. With the new Predictive Search feature, you can optimally control and improve search. Your customers will quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Predictiv-Search mit Shopify Plus

The new predictive search includes:

  1. Real-time analysis: Understand search trends with unlimited real-time analysis.
  2. Instant, accurate search results: Keep customers on your site who are almost twice as likely to convert when using site search. 
  3. Storefront customization flexibility: Customize the appearance of the search function to match the look and feel of your site.

Scale with confidence 

Shopify has developed new developer-focused tools to help businesses scale faster. The tools allow even more control and connectivity for businesses than before. Scale reliably with API versioning.

API Versionisierung mit Shopify Plus

API versioning allows us to improve and customize features and connectivity for our customers in Steps.


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