Tipps für Deine perfekten Shopify Produktseiten

Tips for your perfect Shopify product pages

Create product pages that convince. We have summarized the most important points, which you should consider in your Shopify store!




"The homepage is the first and therefore most important online page?" - Correct, but not necessarily in an online store. Here, people often focus on the checkout or additional features in order to convince customers and bind them to the store in the long term. In the process, the things that are actually important fall by the wayside - the products that are sold. Because the product pages are the pages that really count in an online store. They are often the decisive factor in whether a customer buys the product in the store or opts for a competitor.


The Internet now offers a huge marketplace. The range is overwhelming and the products almost completely interchangeable. Quality, service and prices become transparent and comparable for the customer with just a few clicks. Time to convince the customer of your Shopify Shop not only via the homepage but also via the product pages!


Why should the customer buy from your store?

Due to the variety and transparency on the web, it is crucial in e-commerce to inform the customer about the product pages and to communicate what to expect when making a purchase. What distinguishes your products or your store from the competition? What special advantage (USP) does the customer get when he buys in your store? Here are points like:

  • a special quality
  • Sustainability of the products
  • free shipping
  • and delivery times.

    Even if you cannot guarantee particularly short delivery times, you should inform the customer accordingly. This way, they can decide for themselves whether the item will arrive on time or not. If no delivery times are given, the customer may leave the store and order from a competitor. The more transparently such information is shared, the more likely you are to gain a customer's trust


    Product descriptions, as the perfect seller

    Particularly in the case of a wide range or a large number of product variants, product descriptions are often adopted for several products or the descriptions of the retailer are copied. We strongly advise against this. Product descriptions are the substitute of a seller in online trade. They should not only inform the customer about the quality, dimensions, functions and features of the product, but also convince the visitor to purchase the item through your Shopify store. If he reads the same texts at other merchants, there is no direct reason for the customer to buy the product in your store. Also for SEO reasons, the same text on different pages is not useful - keyword: duplicate content. Google sees the text as duplicate content and your SEO ranking deteriorates. So set yourself apart from others by writing individual product descriptions that serve as online sellers. Quality over quantity here. In most cases, a customer is unlikely to read through half a novel before deciding for or against a product. Product descriptions are more likely to be skimmed. Keep it short and bring all relevant information to the point. In addition, you can provide a detailed version for supplementary information. Also note: You are a professional in your industry - your customers may not be. So avoid complex terms and describe facts and functions with examples.


    Images and videos that convince

    Pictures say a thousand words? True. If you want to sell, the presentation of the products and the design of the salesroom matter. Online, the product pages act as your sales space. Through images, you have the opportunity to showcase your products and put them in the spotlight. But this is often easier said than done - we have summarized the most important tips for the perfect product photo.

    • Make sure the photos are of high quality and well lit.
    • Through a 360 degree view you can present the products from all perspectives and provide the customer with the necessary information.
    • Detailed views additionally show the feel of the materials as well as patterns or individual details.
    • Especially with fashion items, it makes sense to include your target group in the product photos. This way, you can shoot your products on a wide variety of models.
    • Are there different variants of the product? Then you should pay attention to each product variant. A picture in the different colors, patterns and shapes, improve the imagination of the customer and facilitate the purchase decision.

      Videos additionally complement your possibilities to present the products.


      Reviews as social proof

      Beautiful photos and a good description are important, but not everything. Anyone who talks about the best products does not look very convincing. It is important to stick to the truth and share all the facts transparently. To "prove" the advantages you can include additional customer reviews about the services as well as the individual products. If your customers are as enthusiastic about your store and the products, let your store visitors know and create trust. A customer review is usually more honest than a description of the merchant.


      Leave no questions unanswered!

      If the visitor lacks information, he is unsure and may decide to go to another store. With FAQs, you can counteract this and answer the most frequently asked questions. At the same time, you reduce the number of inquiries to customer service. To answer further questions, set up a live chat. This way, the customer gets an appropriate answer directly, without having to wait a long time for a service email.


      Don't forget mobile!

      Of course, you should adapt your website to all devices. Since smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce, make sure that the customer also receives a clear overview of the product information on mobile devices and that all functions are available.